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  • Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Instill Panic (The New Plan)

    A TREND worth watching.
    (You may need to pay attention ... QUICK!!!)

    Were you aware that THE PLANET IS IN PERIL!?

    CNN is hosting a two part special report entitled "PLANET in PERIL". Issues covered by the report include "global warming, species loss, habitat loss, and overpopulation". The website for the special conducts a poll to see if participants think the world is ALREADY OVERPOPULATED. A special "education" section suggests after classroom presentations related to the report, teachers should "instruct each group to brainstorm all the ways that its environmental issue is connected to the others. Next, have representatives from each group stand in a large circle with signs denoting their environmental issues. Give one representative a large ball of string. Have him or her hold on to one end of the string and toss the ball to another representative while explaining a connection between their issues. Have all the representatives repeat the same steps, tossing the ball of string to each other until they have identified all the connections and built a web between their issues." In addition, an "impact" section encourages individuals to effect change since "BAD THINGS HAPPEN in the world EVERY DAY. But good can result and one person can impact the world." [Capitals, my emphasis]

    Former VP Al Gore has sounded his GLOBAL WARNING ALERT.

    A commercial for a special by journalist Ted Coppell states the population in our prisons are dangerously high and "our prisons ARE BEING OVERRUN."

    The list could go on.

    Here are my questions:

    1. What are the spiritual/worldview beliefs and positions (in addition to the personal, political, and financial issues) behind these programs/agendas?

    2. WHY THE NEW & URGENT SUGGESTION OF PERIL & PANIC? Why motivate on the basis of FEAR rather than Love, Stewardship, Altruism, etc.? (What's behind it?)


    1. News/reporting?
    2. Issues like the environment are the latest hot topic issues?
    3. Social, environmental, & deed oriented issues are the new means of connecting (emotionally, politically/financially) with the emerging generation? Note: not only is CNN dealing with these issues (from a 'threat' standpoint) but Newt Gingrich is promoting a vision/impact movement on some issues from the conservative side (though promotions thus far seem to cast it from a more positive perspective)...OR
    4. Have those who possess a non-theist and man centered worldview (the very ones who like to accuse Christians of using "scare tactics" (the threat of hell) to scare people and get their money... now begun preaching their own scare tactics which while simply calling for individuals to make an impact (by giving to organizations/charities like the Red Cross, etc.) are doing by instilling fear rather than appealing to virtue?

    While I've yet to study this matter, I present the trend as something worthy for believers to take note of. What's certain is that while we've been called to be good stewards, we've not been given a spirit of fear, though the world seems to be seeking to instill one!

    Perhaps an opportunity not only for displaying the peace and confidence we possess in the presence of those who give way to panic, but an opportunity for communicating a message of hope and reaching others with the gospel.

    As a previous post on creation/evolution pointed out, there's nothing new about the world hanging by a thread. If you observe all the things that must be in order and within limits (including not just temperatures, oxygen levels, etc. but the very laws that govern the universe) in order for life to continue, it's only by the authority and grace of God that we are sustained at any moment, and yet we have God's covenant word and promise concerning the sustenance and perpetuation of the world. "

    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost. As it was in the beginning, it is now and ever shall be, WORLD WITHOUT END. AMEN! AMEN!

    1 comment:

    jazzycat said...

    This is consistent with CNN. They promote a secular liberal anti-Christian socialistic agenda. They are in the business of manipulation through propaganda. Here is an example:

    CNN had a special report in July of 2005 on global warming that cited glaciers receding as a proof of fossil fuels causing global warming. The following information is in the Glacier Bay National Park Brochure and it is also on their web site:
    1794: Captain George Vancouver of the H.M.S. Discovery, along with Lt. Joseph Whidbey, describes Glacier Bay as "a compact sheet of ice as far as the eye could distinguish".
    1879: John Muir records his "discovery" of Glacier Bay. The glacial ice has retreated up into the bay 40 miles from where Whidbey saw it.

    It is real obvious that this dramatic 40 mile retreat of the glacier from 1794 to 1879 had nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuel in cars. Yet, CNN showed the video of the glaciers (probably in Glacier Bay) falling into the sea as a visual of how humans were causing the problem due to the use of petroleum. That is Red flag time for me. I don’t accept anything CNN presents as truth without verifying it first. Reagan used to say trust but verify. With CNN it should be don’t trust until you verify.