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  • Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Jack Black leads a prayer to the Devil at the 2009 MTV Awards

    Christian Press files this report from the MTV music awards, which describes how Jack Black leads the audience in a prayer to Satan.

    "I was mortified when Jack Black lead everyone in a prayer to Satan. It was no joke." said Samantha Taylor of California. "The audience held hands and did it."

    Jack Black is definitely no friend of Christians, as has been seen from his previous antics. In fact, he is one of the many Hollywood stars who think it fit to insult and belittle Christians. So what can be said about this "prayer"?
    There are several answers to as to what his motive was. He could have meant it as a joke. He could have been semi-serious, meaning to offend Christians while not really believing in Satan, of course. Or he could have been 100% serious calling on the devil for help, and getting the audience to join in.

    Regardless of his motive, his behavior is typical of what we see from Hollywood. It is no longer "edgy" to propagate casual sex, meaningless murder or homosexual homes. Those things are so embedded in our culture that no-one barely notices any more.

    Christians and Christianity are the new targets, lead by blasphemy on almost every TV show and in every movie. And let's be clear, targeting Christians means targeting God.

    The joke may very well be on Black. His pathetic attempts to ridicule Christianity may buy him some support and adoration from his equally perverted colleagues, but for the rest of us he remains a sad example of what happens when man is corrupted. His actions serve as encouragement for the non-intellectuals, as fun for the shallow and as praiseworthy for the kindergarten atheist movement.

    The really sad part is that many young people watch that nonsense and learn to imitate such stupidity without realizing that actions hold consequences, and lead our country down a road of moral ineptitude and spiritual bankruptcy. Unfortunately people like Black has a pulpit from which to spout their arrogant ignorance, and while most Christians remain blissfully unaware or apathetically tolerant, it will continue.


    Anonymous said...

    I've read revelations - I know how the end turns out. God wins. Praise the Lord. But I am sickened and appalled by this. I will definitely be praying for (while boycotting) Jack Black, everyone that was in that audience, and everyone who didn't turn the channel on their tv set. And I pray that there were no innocent children that watched this and thought it was ok.

    Gold said...

    wtf? Of course it was a joke. JB no more believes in the devil than he does in god. Yours or anyone elses...

    Anonymous said...

    joking or not, wrong is wrong, and as christians we can't just sweep it under the rug and make light of it because 'it was a joke'

    Gold said...

    It must be awful living in constant fear of other peoples words and thoughts. I feel sorry for you.

    August said...

    Living in fear? If Black delivered that line he actually may have gotten some laughs. If you want to see people living in fear of other words and thoughts go look at the church of Darwin.

    swordbearer said...

    This is nothing more than an example of Titus 1:15 "To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted."

    jazzycat said...

    Who is Jack Black?

    Gold, where did anyone say they are living in fear of other people's words and thoughts. Do you always read things into statements that are not there? Is that a characteristic of your obvious prejucice?

    Gold said...

    JazzyCat, no one said they were living in fear. But the reply Anna gave just shouts concern for others and you don't have concern without being fearful of some potentially negative action or outcome.

    So yeah, I was reading something into her statement. It's human nature to do so. If we only ever relied upon and relayed the literal words of others there would never be any advancement in any conversation.

    And no, it has nothing to do with any "obvious prejudice". Now who's "reading things into statements"? :) The difference is that I'm not going to take offense at the assumption. ;)

    I freely admit that I'm a skeptic. That I believe in the scientific method and rationalizing decisions based on empirical evidence. This is part of what it is to be a skeptic.

    With a blog called "Christian Skepticism" I would have expected more open, rational debate. swordbearer appears to be well on their way to being able to provide that but I hold little hope for the others I've seen commenting here.