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  • Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    NPR: What's The Word? The Bible On Gay Marriage

    As an addition to the earlier post - see below, I have not listened, yet, but based on the summary - should be interesting:

    What's The Word? The Bible On Gay Marriage
    Listen Now

    December 15, 2008 · Religious leaders often cite scripture as the basis for their opposition to gay marriage. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and host of the Albert Mohler Program, believes a strict reading of the text forbids gay marriage. But Lisa Miller, religion editor at Newsweek, contends the Bible's models of marriage are flawed, and its lessons about love actually argue for gay marriage.

    Here is the original link.


    Puritan Lad said...

    NPR: Our tax dollars at work...

    swordbearer said...

    1. Imagine the outcry if the same tax dollars were used to promote the opposite view...

    2. I listened to the opening remarks. Here are my observations:

    a. The statement that marriage today looks unlike marriage in Biblical times and therefore is not a prescription for marriage today... not only defeats their own argument in suggesting the Bible condones gay marriage but denies the timeless truths of God's Word. Additionally, it exegetically fails to take into account Jesus' own statement about marriage from the beginning which nullifies the opinion writer's use of polygamy by patriarchs as examples in relation to proscription for marriage.

    b. Reference to celibacy by Jesus and Paul to suggest marraige was different, gay marriage is moral, etc., is to fail to recognize various distinctions and context... not to mention it does not validate gay marriage or gay civil unions. Again, the poorest of exegesis!

    c. Interesting as well was the "tone" and words the writer used to describe the Apostles Paul's statement in regard to marriage and remaining single. This too misrepresents Paul's intention, the context, etc.

    d. The writer foundation is found to be unbiblical (/or unproven) when she states the Bible's teaching is "not relevant" to those who want to work out an "egalitarian" romantic pragmatic life. The Bible speaks not only to the equality when it comes to being created in the image of God and of being one in Christ, but at the same time recognizes distinctions and different roles between males and females (... which gays seek to suppress or deny).

    e. Suggesting that condemnation of homosexuality is found only a few places in the Bible 1) Falsely assumes it's okay to violate some commands in Scripture, and/or 2) Falsely suggests Scripture contradicts itself.

    f. Suggesting that condemnation of homosexuality in the Bible is only of the more wicked & depraved ...licentious type and not modern committed relationships seeks to replace nature with degree. But by the way, thanks for affirming some homosexual practices are sinful according to the Bible.

    g. T0 argue that both the O.T. and N.T. argue for committeed relationship that "reflect" God's will ... falsely assumes that gay marriage "reflects" God's will which is to beg the question.

    h. Finally, not surprising to find at the end of the opening comments the writer selecting a scholar in support of her position (2 Tim 4:3) and then going on to deny the canon and/or inerrancy of Scripture. This is the first step all take when trying justify their own views over the Scripture. The only thing surprising here is that it's done by one who at the same time is trying to use Scripture to make their case.

    With this many serious flaws and lack of scholarship in the first six minutes, I didn't feel it worth the time to continue on...

    Puritan Lad said...

    I've heard every argument that there is from those who try to use the Bible to support such perversion. There is no exegesis involved in this indefensible position.

    I wish such people would start out by telling us upfront that they deny the authority of Scripture (as if there was any doubt). That way, unsuspection babes in Christ could be spared of the rest of the drivel. At least be honest about your unbelief instead of playing literary gymnastics with the Scriptures. And then refund your money to the taxpayers that you stole, and forfeit your tax exempt status.

    What do you say Skeptimal? Let's see if you really believe in your definition of "separation of church and state".