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  • Saturday, March 29, 2008

    The Church of Oprah Exposed

    A good video that should remove all doubt (as if there were any) about the false teacher Oprah Winfrey. She and her guru Tolle are clearly anti-Christs.

    The Church of Oprah Exposed


    August said...

    That just goes to show...she used her own judgment to create a god of her own making.

    swordbearer said...

    1. ... and by "of her own making", we can go one step further to say "of her own feeling."

    2. Question for Oprah: On what grounds (/authority) do you say "there cannot be only one way to God."?

    3.Question for Oprah: Have you ever considered that when the Bible says God is a "jealous" God, that the word "jealous" can be used in different ways... i.e., that it could mean something other than what you took it to mean? (i.e., "jealous" in a good sense, in the same way a husband is "jealous" in regard to his wife and not only rejoices and considers her his own, but would rightfully be taken aside and angry (even "jealous" in the sense of desiring her love in this sense for himself alone)if she were to commit adultery and wrongfully give her love to another.
    [Interesting how Oprah could allow something which a simple word study or commentary study could clear up ... to set her off and lead her down a wayward path like the one she's on!)


    It seems in every generation there are one or two “new age” movements that attempt to take hold of the existing social conscience. Today’s movements speak of such things as “Authentic Empowerment” and “The Law of Attraction”, otherwise known as The Secret. These postulate that we create our own realities by what we think of and feel and act upon, and those same things -- whether positive or negative -- are attracted back into our lives; however, the pit fall of this or any other new age movement is that God is pushed to the side or replaced altogether and we become the sole creator of our own reality within some “universal consciousness”. The basic tenets of Catholic theology become distorted in order to throw us off the true path. Even beliefs in heaven and hell become nothing more than “states of being” created by what we attract to us rather than real places where our souls will go for their eternal reward. It’s a dangerous little game the spirit of darkness plays: taking divine truths and manipulating them to kill our belief in God for our own glory. As our Heavenly Father’s children, we participate in the plan of creation and experience the fruit of our thoughts, born in the heart, but within the security of our Triune God. Is this true? The Catechism clearly states:
    “God is the sovereign master of his plan. But to carry it out he also makes use of his creatures’ cooperation… To human beings God even gives the power of freely sharing in his providence by entrusting him with the responsibility of “subduing” the earth and having dominion over it. God thus enables men to be intelligent and free causes in order to complete the work of creation, to perfect its harmony for their own good and that of their neighbors.”[1]
    It’s our faith and the teaching of our Holy Catholic church. How do we unleash this creative potential? Proverbs 23: 7 says: As a person thinks in his heart, so he will become.[2]

    What are your thoughts? What is being born in your heart? The heroic virtue of mercy shown by David toward Saul is the clear result of living as Jesus is teaching us through the Gospel. David thought of being merciful and the act flowed naturally. Think of all the times that Jesus teaches that what we give is what we will receive: If you live by the sword you will die by the sword; do unto others as you would have them do unto you; receive in accordance with your faith; if it is mercy you desire be yourself merciful; do not judge and you will not be judged. All of these actions are first conceived of in mind and only then acted upon.

    See, David could have allowed Saul to be killed. Perhaps the ruckus would have awoken the others and lead to loss of more lives – maybe even David’s own life. But David controlled the thoughts of vengeance and murder for the more noble thought of mercy and respect for God’s anointed King. Therefore, David did not die by the sword, but was himself anointed with the same grace he thought so highly of. Reciprocation flows naturally from Divine Law that can neither be ignored nor put aside. However, it flows from the grace of God and free will – not some “universal consciousness”. In everything we put forward in our lives, whether good or evil, just or unjust, peaceful or chaotic, we will receive the equivalent. For the measure you measure with will be measured back to you.

    Therefore, control what you are measuring out. There is a war raging all around us, yet we don’t hear bombs exploding, we don’t see weapon firing, and we certainly don’t see blood spilling in this war. But there is a battle nevertheless. It’s a battle for your mind. The primary target for the angel of darkness is your thoughts. If he can control and manipulate what you think he can control and manipulate your entire life. Jesus is still teaching us today the power of mind to determine our actions, attitudes and self-image. In fact, he says in the scriptures, “If you have conceived of lust in your mind you have already committed adultery in your heart.” Think about it: Are you or someone you know addicted to movies or magazines that reveal the lesser side of human morality? Are we reading things that are not in accord with what we truly want to be born in our hearts? Are insatiable thoughts of enmity, vengeance or material wealth taking all sense of peace out of your lives and filling it with chaos? If these are the thoughts prevailing in our minds the ramification of what is born in here (point to heart) is clear: friendships begin falling apart, marriages end up in ruins, families drift apart, and your relationship with God grows cold?

    Are you focused on God or are you focused on the apparent malevolence that pervades your life? Do you focus on the positive in your life or on the negative? The answer to that question will determine what you are creating around you. You may say, “But I am barely getting by. I can’t get my head above water. My debts are out of control. My Job is too stressful. Of course I can’t help dwell on these things.” As participants in God’s divine plan you can’t tell me that you don’t have the power to control your thoughts and therefore what you create around yourself. Don’t get me wrong. These are very real and painful experiences. All I am saying is what Jesus says: control your thoughts and your actions will in turn become controlled. Focus on positive change to get out of debt. Focus on positive things to take back control of your life. Don’t dwell on the negative thoughts your infernal enemy would have you focus on so as to take away your peace. Don’t run to God complaining about how big your mountains are. Proclaim to your mountains how big our God is. Dwell on the Glory of God. Have faith -- and all good things will be provided for you as well.

    There is nothing new about this. This is a secret revealed some two thousand years ago by the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. And with time and a little practice you will fulfill that proverbial passage mentioned earlier by becoming that which you think about. A new creation will be born anew in your heart. You will have left behind the natural creature and replaced it with the spiritual, which is from heaven. You will find that subduing power within yourself to cast out all iniquity in order to build up a spiritual being worthy to be called a child of God.
    [1] Catechism: 306 & 307.
    [2] (Proverbs 23; 7)

    [link to]